1. Are Peugeot workshops open now?
At present our workshops are open 10 am – 5 pm, Monday to Saturday. Please contact our Customer Care Hotline on 011 444 7 888 to make an appointment.

2. Is the Peugeot showroom open?
At present the showroom is not open to customers, however, you may contact our Customer Care Hotline on 011 444 7 888 or email for any assistance.

3. Do I need to make an appointment for aftersales?
Yes, at the moment we are operating with less than half of our cadre at any given point, and with increased workload due to health & safety measures, hence we are only able to accept vehicles by prior appointment, excluding emergencies such as breakdowns.

 As per Peugeot international guidelines, vehicles will be kept isolated for 3 hours before being moved into the workshop. Hence, please drop off your vehicle by 10 am.

4. Can you pick up / drop off my vehicle?
We regret that our valet service has been suspended until after the pandemic.

5. What is the process during COVID-19 to bring in my car for aftersales?

             a. Firstly, please make an appointment with our Customer Care Hotline on 011 444 7 888.

             b.Once you arrive, park your vehicle and call your Service Advisor, who will meet you at your vehicle.

             c.Lock your vehicle and drop the key into the Ziplock bag held by the Service Advisor. The key will stay in this bag  until you return to collect your vehicle. Please note that our employees may not enter your vehicle with you.  We request you to show                       them any issues with the vehicle whilst maintaining at least a 1m distance.

             d.The vehicle inventory will be taken by photographing the car, no inventory form will be filled/signed.

             e.The work order document will be sent to you by digital means only, please inform the Service Advisor which  method you prefer (WhatsApp, Viber, email)

            f.As per manufacturer guidelines, all vehicles must be kept for 3 hours outside before being moved into the workshop. After this time, protective covers will be fitted to the seats, steering wheel and gear lever and the vehicle will be taken into the                                workshop.

            g.Your Service Advisor will send your invoice to you by electronic means. Please pre-pay your full invoice amount prior to picking up your vehicle (refer “How can I make payments?” below).

            h.Your key will be given to you from the Ziplock bag, it will not have been taken out of this bag while with us.

             i.We have implemented a digital gate pass system, hence no paper gate pass will be needed.

6. What additional health & safety precautions have been put in place for COVID-19?
Considering Government guidelines as well as the guidelines of our Principals, we have implemented the stringent measures including the following:

            a. Everyone entering the premises must have their temperature checked by security using an infrared thermometer at the In gate. If a person in a vehicle is found to have a high temperature, the vehicle and all occupants will not be permitted to enter.

            b.To facilitate this, the Out Gate of the premises will be closed until further notice. Entry & exit will both be via the   In Gate. Please take extra care when entering/exiting.

            c.The security will dispense hand sanitizer to anyone entering.

            d.Our employees have been split into two groups, each group will work 3 days at a stretch.

             e.High traffic tough points such as doors, seating & surfaces are disinfected 4 times per day.

             f.Hand washing stations have been placed outside key entry points.

             g.Daily health & safety briefings are carried out for employees, and compliance is monitored by CCTV.

             h.Our valet service has been suspended until further notice.

7. What work can I get done from the workshop during this period?
All types of work (service, repair, detailing, nano-coating, etc) can be done during this time, however, we will prioritize urgent requirements.

8. Is the breakdown recovery service still operating?
Yes, it is still operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call our Customer Care Hotline on 011 444 7 888 in case of a breakdown.

9. If the service of my vehicle is delayed due to the current situation, will my warranty be affected?
No, considering the circumstances, your warranty will not be affected. However, please contact our Customer Care Hotline on 011 444 7 888 to make a service appointment as soon as possible.

10. How can I make payments?
We have suspended accepting in-person cash or credit card payments for health & safety precautions. We have activated an online payment gateway to enable credit card payments and will be happy to send you a link to pay our invoice online. Please inform your service advisor if you would like to pay by credit card. We also accept payment by bank transfer.


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