Pièces détachées


Depending on your needs and your budget, PEUGEOT SERVICE offers a wide choice of ranges of spare parts.

Discover the range of Peugeot spare parts suitable for all budgets: original parts, Eurorepar multi-brand parts or even parts from the circular economy.


Why choose original PEUGEOT parts, called MOPAR?

Only those who designed your Peugeot can make the best parts

Optimal automotive performance

Original PEUGEOT parts, called MOPAR, are designed at the same time as your vehicle. No one has a better understanding of all the features and design of your PEUGEOT than us. Our complete range of parts undergoes strict testing and is designed with optimal quality materials consistent with the design, with maximum longevity and safety, while ensuring that the comfort and value of your vehicle is maintained over time.

Cutting-edge innovation, know-how and availability

Original PEUGEOT parts, called MOPAR, as well as PEUGEOT vehicles are designed simultaneously. These parts are thus fully integrated and as technologically advanced as each vehicle, which implies immediate availability of parts as soon as each PEUGEOT is released.


Perfectly adjusted

Only genuine PEUGEOT parts, called MOPAR, match perfectly the design and specification of each PEUGEOT. This means that you can count on easy replacement with perfectly fitting parts.

Produced according to the Manufacturer's standards, and the same specifications as the parts fitted to new vehicles,

They are available in the PEUGEOT network, worldwide and at least 10 years after the release of the last vehicle.


The alliance of quality, price and performance

Because your vehicle is getting old, you are always looking for the right balance between price and performance for its maintenance. Our Peugeot experts recommend the Eurorepar range of multi-brand parts. 25% cheaper than original parts, Eurorepar parts allow a better controlled budget without compromising on quality.

With the choice of Eurorepar parts, you benefit from:

- A quality service

SUSTAINera – Circular Economy, Parts & Accessories: building a better future

Maintain quality, reduce impact on the planet

Peugeot offers a range of SUSTAINera Parts & Accessories to maintain your vehicle and act on the carbon footprint by reducing waste from car maintenance.

This is why we have established a strategy based on 4 Rs:

Reman (Remanufactured parts)Remanufactured parts. With a wide range of products, our remanufactured parts ensure that your vehicle is maintained or repaired to the highest standards. Our REMAN parts offer the same performance and durability as genuine parts. They cover 40 families of parts: engines, gearboxes, turbos, injectors, clutches, alternators, starters, traction batteries for electric vehicles and more.
Repair (Parts Repaired)Repair services: by having your electronic parts, automatic gearboxes and traction batteries repaired, we offer solutions adapted to the age of your vehicle and your budget.
Reuse (re-use parts) Re-use parts: original parts from end-of-life vehicles follow a strict approval process. The use of reused parts, guaranteed for 1 year, is an ideal solution for extending the life of older vehicles.
Recycle (Recycling)Recycled parts: by recycling catalytic converters, like many parts, and by having waste management in our processes, we preserve the environment by optimizing the rigorous management of waste while reducing the use of precious resources of our planet. Recycled materials are reinjected into our manufacturing process for our new vehicles and our after-sales products.

SUSTAINera Parts & Accessories meets the quality and durability requirements of Peugeot customers, offering reduced prices compared to new original parts, while reducing the impact on the planet's resources.