Systematically benefit from complete guarantees when purchasing a new PEUGEOT: manufacturing, painting or perforation defects are covered, and PEUGEOT sometimes even undertakes beyond the legal guarantee. The PEUGEOT manufacturer's warranties apply throughout the European Union and in fifteen other countries or territories.

The work covered by these warranties is carried out free of charge by professionals from the PEUGEOT network.


Guarantees included


Where can I find the details of the guarantees?

You will find details of the guarantees to which you are entitled described in the maintenance and guarantee booklet which was given to you when you purchased your PEUGEOT vehicle.

How does the warranty work?

After purchasing your PEUGEOT, in the event of an incident (breakdown, paint defect, perforation of the bodywork), go to a PEUGEOT garage with your maintenance booklet and guarantees. Only the diagnosis of a PEUGEOT approved repairer will make it possible to determine whether the defect observed can be covered under the PEUGEOT commercial guarantee.

What if I break down under warranty?

In the event of a breakdown, you must contact PEUGEOT Assistance. Thanks to our expertise, we will be in the best position to deal with the incident you encounter as soon as possible. In this case, the on-site repair or towing costs are covered, to the nearest PEUGEOT garage (within a maximum radius of 100 km). If the intervention time on your car is more than two hours, your mechanic will offer you a mobility solution to allow you to continue your journey.

Can I take out an extended warranty after purchase?

You can take out an extended warranty until the last day of the contractual warranty. To do this, simply contact your point of sale.

Does the warranty end in the event of sale?

Your warranty is transferable and will apply under the same conditions to the new purchaser of the vehicle, for the remaining duration of the contract.

Who to contact if you have questions about the warranty?

All the useful information on the guarantee is available in the maintenance and guarantee booklet which was given to you upon delivery of your car. If you have any further questions, please contact a PEUGEOT garage